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Welcome to Margie's Art Studio!   I believe in the power of art to uplift and inspire. With my background in social services, my approach to art is all about spreading positivity and encouragement. My artistic creations are a reflection of my unwavering passion for helping others.

Allow me to share my passion with you.


I have been actively creating art for over two decades and have explored various themes and styles. My art pieces feature unique perspectives on a wide array of subjects. From the vibrancy of Jazz to the nuances of Literature, my series embodies an array of emotions that are intended to evoke powerful responses from viewers. With a fusion of traditional techniques and modern approaches.

With each series, I aim to bring a fresh perspective that will surely fascinate, captivate, and inspire.

Whether you’re an art lover or just looking to enhance your home décor, you’ll be sure to find something that resonates with you.